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Guide to Concealed Carry in Virginia

About the Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit: Applications are submitted through the circuit court in the city or county in which the resident lives. For a non-resident permit, applications must be submitted to the Virginia State Police. Applications may be downloaded here: http://www.vsp.state.va.us/FormsPublications.shtm Age Requirement: 21 years or older Validity: Permit is valid for 5 [...]

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Guide to Concealed Carry in Oregon

About the Oregon Concealed Carry License: Applications are through the Sheriff’s Office of the county of residence and non-resident permits may be applied for through any Oregon Sheriff’s Office. Age Requirement: 21 years or older. Validity: Permit is valid for 4 years; after which it must be renewed. Cost: Cost is $65 for a [...]

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Guide to Concealed Carry in Iowa

About the Iowa Concealed Carry Permit: Applications are through the Sheriff’s Office of the county of residence except for a professional permit (carrying for employment purposes) which is through the Iowa Department of Public Safety. Age Requirement: 21 years of older for a non-professional permit and 18 for a professional permit. Validity: Permit is [...]

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Concealed Carrying in Oregon for Non-Residents

Although it is fairly easy for Oregon residents to obtain a permit to carry, non-residents wishing to carry in Oregon do not quite have it so easy. Unlike most states, Oregon has no reciprocity and does not honor a concealed carry permit from any other state in the country. If you are not an [...]

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Concealed Carry Training Online or In-Person?

Many states require some sort of firearm training in order to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit. Some states allow you to obtain your concealed carry training online. This may be a great option for some but is not for everyone. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of doing your concealed carry training online vs [...]

Concealed Carry and Traffic Stops

When I teach classes I often get questions on how to properly handle getting pulled over by the police while carrying a concealed weapon or having a firearm in your vehicle. In modern times we seem to be seeing many tragedies in situations as such. Lets discuss both the law and how we recommend [...]

Concealed Carry and Holiday Traveling

Things to remember this holiday season Going on an airplane? Transporting a firearm while flying can be a tricky and sometimes confusing process. The first thing to remember is to always check with the airline first. Most airlines will allow you to transport a firearm if you make sure the firearm is unloaded, locked, [...]

Maintaining skills after receiving a Concealed Carry Permit

So you’ve completed your concealed carry training course, received your permit to carry and bought a gun. Now what? Just because you have a permit, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep up with your training. The more time that passes, the more we forget. Often the time for self-defense comes when you least expect it [...]

Effective Breathing Techniques for a Perfect Shot

In our day-to-day activities, we find some tasks that prove to be difficult, challenging and stressful. The desire to shoot a gun is one of those activities because you have so many shooting fundamentals from concentration, correct alignment, reducing movement, and focusing correctly. In the process, anxiety and excitement may rise and make it [...]

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