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If you are interested to get your conceal gun certification in Herndon, Virginia you need to see what FeltonAcademy.Com has to offer. Today, everyone looking to aquire a conceal gun certification in Herndon, VA. has several choices. Nevertheless, and unlike the competition at the Felton Academy your conceal handgun certification class for Herndon, VA. is available with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Getting your conceal handgun certification is not about guns per say as many would have you belive. Having a conceal gun permit is about your 2nd amendment right to carry a hand gun. At the Felton Training Group simple with an online course made off a 55 minute video and a 40 question quiz, one you have to pass with a 75% grade. The Felton Training Group not only offer conceal handgun certification class for Herndon, VA. but many other states as well. Some of the most popular are:

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Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

How can we be safe in public?

In recent news, we’ve all heard about mass shootings and other tragedies in public. It seems to be an ever-increasing trend right now in our country. So how can we best prepare, stay safe, and keep our family safe when out and about in public? Let’s discuss:

There is no foolproof system to being 100% safe in public. However, there are ways we can increase the chances of staying safe and keeping our family safe. Here are 3 keys to help keep yourself and your loved ones safe in public.

Where, when, and with whom to go out:

It would make sense to avoid bad areas of town but there are other places you might consider avoiding as well, especially if worried about mass shootings, terrorism or other public tragedies. Places like schools, nightclubs or other public places where firearms are not allowed by state law are often the places most targeted by terrorists and mass shooters. Almost every mass shooting in US history has been in a “gun free zone”. Avoiding places where you cannot legally carry your firearm may sound extreme but it will reduce the chance of you being somewhere the next tragedy might take place. We also recommend avoiding nighttime travel and being alone in public as well as low or poorly lit places that don’t have many people around. As common sense would dictate, going out at night or alone is always going to be riskier.

Stay Alert:

It doesn’t matter whether you are worried about a terrorist, robber, rapist or any other criminal; staying alert and understanding your situation quickly is always going to be the start of your best defense. Any time you are alone or in a dark or dangerous area, pay attention to your surroundings. Stop texting until you get to your car. Take your ear-buds out so you can hear any potential threats around you. Being the first to realize a threat will always be helpful for knowing how and when to act in order to stay safe.

Know when to act:

Every situation is different and there is never going to be a quick or easy answer to knowing when to act. In some situations, you may be able to give a verbal warning where others you may have to draw quick. Any situation where somebody is trying to kidnap you or force you anywhere, we recommend acting in whatever regard you can. Statistically speaking, odds are better in your favor by fighting or utilizing whatever resource you can then following the directions of the kidnappers. In a mass or public shooting scenario, priority number one should be to get you or your family to safety in whatever manner you can. I personally stick to a policy of only using my firearm if I’m truly scared for my own life or the life of a loved one. Carrying a firearm might make you feel invincible, but knowing when to use it is the key!

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Virginia Concealed Carry Class | Herndon When you are trying to get you concealed gun permit in Herndon, Virginia, you need take a look what FeltonAcademy.Com is facilitating. In around an hour the Felton Group can have you ready to get your Herndon concealed firearm permit. Be warned that when it comes for [...]