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Virginia Online Concealed Carry Course and Weapons Permit & Handgun Permit Training

If you are looking to obtain a Virginia weapons permit, Felton Academy offers high quality handgun permit training with our Virginia online concealed carry course at a low price. Our online training is an easy process and our instructors are highly experienced. Here are some things you can expect if you enroll in our concealed carry course.

As soon as you log on to our site, you will find that it is incredibly easy to browse and navigate. Enrollment involves a one step process where you submit some very general information along with your payment. Once that is done, you are ready to proceed with our concealed carry course.

Our course consists of one concise and educational 50-minute video. After you have watched the video, you will be required to take a short, multiple choice test. 99% of our students pass this test on their first try. If you do not pass, you will be able to retake the test at no extra charge.

Once students have passed the test, they will obtain their certificate which will be necessary for them to obtain their concealed weapons permit. We guarantee that your county will accept the training and certificate you receive from our concealed carry course. If this is not the case, and there is nothing we can do about it, we will give you your money back.

Our course is also extremely customer friendly. Unlike many online companies who do not offer much support to their customers, we have a customer help line which you can call if you have any questions or are experiencing any technical difficulty with the site. You can also visit our FAQ Page for answers to some of your questions.

Virginia's Firearm Laws, Permits, etc.

More information on Virginia’s Traveling/Reciprocity
Please use this link for Virginia reciprocity information as this comes from the state’s website and is updated in conjunction with ever-changing laws:

Learn more about Virginia’s Firearm Laws
For more information on Virginia’s laws, visit:

Learn about Virginia’s Nonresident Permit
For more information on Virginia’s Nonresident Permit, see:

Obtaining a concealed weapons permit is a big deal and it’s important to feel like you are getting the best support possible so that you feel safe and secure in your ability to defend yourself. The Felton Academy offers Virginia residents the best Virginia online concealed carry course training available at the lowest possible price. Check out our website to find out more about our company and why we are a great choice to receive training for your concealed weapons permit.

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