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Frequently Asked Questions

Felton Academy offers online courses in self-defense training. We are here to help citizens gain the power to defend themselves. All of our instructors are very knowledgeable in this field. They are nationally certified with years of teaching experience. Here are some questions that have been asked by some clients and the responses given by our qualified team.

Yes, our certificate is accepted by every circuit court in Virginia for both resident and non-resident permits (multi-state). It must be accepted as a matter of law.

In Iowa and Oregon it is accepted according to the state law. We guarantee it will be accepted in every county in Virginia, Iowa, and Oregon or your money back!

After completing the course, your certificate may be downloaded and printed from your account on our website or from your email anytime from any computer. We do not typically mail certificates.

This is a common question. Our software application requires you to watch the entire video before the system will show the test link. If you paused or fast forwarded at all or even stopped the video short you will not be able to view the test until you complete the entire video. Again, even if one or two seconds of the video have been missed the test will not show until it has been played completely. When in doubt, simply play it again. Once the entire video has been played you will see a link that says "take the test" on the right side of the screen under your dashboard.

There are numerous factors that could cause the video to load or play improperly. Please contact us at info[@]feltonacademy.com.

Try our states pages. There you will also find links for further resources for your particular state.

You can for some states, others you may have to fill out in person. Application links can be found on the states pages.

Your certificate will appear on screen upon passing the test, which you may print or save for later printing. An additional copy will also be emailed to you for your convenience.

No, nothing in Virginia, Wyoming, Iowa, or Oregon law mandates live fire for meeting the training requirements for a permit.

No, although we recommend doing it all together, it can be paused and resumed at a later time.

The test is 20 questions that are multiple choice and true/false. You must make 15 answers correct to pass. Although 99 percent of our students pass the first time, if you for some reason do not pass, you may go back and review the material and take it again for FREE.

This is gone over in detail in the video. More information can be found on the states pages.

Yes, credit card information is processed and then safely discarded.

Yes, our privacy policy states that all your information is kept confidential and is never sold to a third party agency.

We offer a full 100 percent money back guarantee if you change your mind at any point before viewing the video. Once you have watched the video, we are no longer able to refund money.

After completing the course you must apply with the Virginia State Police. You must contact them to request an application packet. You may contact them via phone at: 804-674-2000.

You may also Request an Application Package by contacting the Virginia State Police Firearms Transaction Center in writing at the below address or on-line at nonrespermit@vsp.virginia.gov. All written requests must include the applicant’s complete name and mailing address. A telephone number is also requested. Send written requests to:

Firearms Transaction Center
Nonresident Concealed Handgun Permits
Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Department of State Police

P.O. Box 85141
Richmond, VA 23285-5141