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Join the NRA

In the constantly changing times of today, the National Rifle Association is more important than ever in order to preserve and protect the firearm rights of Americans. Do your part by becoming a member today for only $30 for the first year (Regular price $40) Save $10 by joining today here:

The NRA or National Rifle Association is the largest firearms organization in the United States, with over 5 million active members. Many members report that they will not carry a firearm without their NRA membership card. This is due to the many benefits and protections offered by the NRA to its members. Not only do they educate regarding firearms, gun safety and laws but are also a great resource for members to ask questions when it comes to firearm and self-defense laws. In many cases, they have helped protect and defend law-abiding gun owners from injustices in our legal system. In addition, through the NRA’s “Institute for Legislative Action”, they are constantly lobbying to protect our right to carry and overall second amendment rights. For a limited time only through this special link, you can save $10 or more on your new NRA membership.

Personal Benefits:

  • 24/7 defense of your Second Amendment freedoms
  • Official NRA members – only shooter’s cap *
  • Your choice of monthly NRA magazines (Premium Digital Editions now available)
  • Membership card
  • Official NRA decals
  • Insurance for you and your guns – up to $2500 included!
  • Legislative Updates for your state
  • Discounts from hundreds of local and national businesses
  • Free Admission to NRA’s Annual Show **
  • Invitations to “Friends of NRA” dinners and other special events and more…

The cost to become an NRA member is typically $40 / year but joining today you can get the first year for just $30. You can save even more money with multi-year memberships over yearly renewals.

Discounted Pricing

1-year: Regular $40 Limited Time $30.00
3-year: Regular $100 Limited Time $85.00
5-year: Regular $140 Limited Time $100.00
Lifetime membership: Regular $1500 Limited Time $600

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