Now is the time to get a Concealed Carry Permit

Why Concealed Carry is a Must in This Day and Age Events of the last few years have truly brought home the need to protect ourselves and our families. Though we respect the job that law enforcement does, they cannot be everywhere, and often arrive too late to prevent a crime or tragedy from happening. [...]

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How to Get your Concealed-Carry Permit

It All Begins with the Local Laws Your need may be for the protection of self or other loved ones. It may be a distraction or a healthy hobby. It may be employment-related. Whatever your specific case may entail, there are a means and a legal way to obtain your own permit for carrying a [...]

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To Carry or Not – That is the Question

If you are a gun owner, then chances are you have dealt with the decision of whether or not to carry your gun every day. CRIME PREVENTION There are several arguments for the pro side of carrying on a regular basis. The most compelling of all may be the statistics that show that states that [...]

Online Training makes it Easier For Citizens To Obtain Concealed Carry Permits

In many states by taking an online concealed carry course, residents may obtain a concealed carry permit without having to actually fire a gun. So how does this work? Many states have a training requirement in order to obtain a concealed carry permit. This training requirement varies in each state and can be anything [...]

Guide to Concealed Carry in Wyoming

Permitless Carry: Residents of Wyoming may carry a concealed handgun in Wyoming without a Wyoming Concealed Carry Permit as long as they meet the following criteria: resident of Wyoming for a minimum of 6 months, 21 years old or older, is not ineligible to possess a firearm pursuant to US and WY law, has [...]

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Guide to Concealed Carry in Virginia

About the Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit: Applications are submitted through the circuit court in the city or county in which the resident lives. For a non-resident permit, applications must be submitted to the Virginia State Police. Applications may be downloaded here: Age Requirement: 21 years or older Validity: Permit is valid for 5 [...]

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Guide to Concealed Carry in Oregon

About the Oregon Concealed Carry License: Applications are through the Sheriff’s Office of the county of residence and non-resident permits may be applied for through any Oregon Sheriff’s Office. Age Requirement: 21 years or older. Validity: Permit is valid for 4 years; after which it must be renewed. Cost: Cost is $65 for a [...]

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Guide to Concealed Carry in Iowa

About the Iowa Concealed Carry Permit: Applications are through the Sheriff’s Office of the county of residence except for a professional permit (carrying for employment purposes) which is through the Iowa Department of Public Safety. Age Requirement: 21 years of older for a non-professional permit and 18 for a professional permit. Validity: Permit is [...]

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Concealed Carrying in Oregon for Non-Residents

Although it is fairly easy for Oregon residents to obtain a permit to carry, non-residents wishing to carry in Oregon do not quite have it so easy. Unlike most states, Oregon has no reciprocity and does not honor a concealed carry permit from any other state in the country. If you are not an [...]

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